Charlotte is the founder and director of the boutique talent agency.  Style Cartel Agency represents a leading roster of talented people of colour  &  in the modelling world and creative industries. Having identified a gap in representation for emerging talent of colour, Charlotte founded  the agency in 2020. 


A boutique Mother agency that reps Artists, Photographers, DJ’s, Modest Fashion Models and Models of colour for s brand partnerships, modelling gigs, creative consulting, social media campaigns, and tv/film.  When she herself had difficulties casting people of colour she saw a niche that needed to be filled.  Boasting the most diverse selection of talent across Europe & the US.

Hi, I’m Everett

A tenacious, loving and energetic photographer who enjoys grabbing her camera and running out to take some photos.

Early on

I am so fascinated by photography and it’s capability to bring your imagination to amazing places. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of filming my own productions, so I set out to learn everything I could about storytelling through photos.


I have been teaching myself filmmaking for the past four and a half years and I’m still learning every day. I am building my business as a freelance filmmaker, as well as working on my own photo shoots.